1h30m Running

≈Extreme winter sports

It’s February, the last month of winter. We invite you to enjoy the cold weather before the sun and its warmth visit us. It seems like the weather is not getting colder. We invite you to a 1h30 running session at the Antoine de Saint-Exupery Sports Complex on Saturday morning. It will be an opportunity to burn some extra calories, work out your cardio, experience the effect of endorphins, and raise a physical challenge. We will try to push you to take your first step to be fit.

This event will take place regardless of the climate. We hope there will be rain.

You will face with two obstacles:

  1. Waking up Saturday early.
  2. Go out running in the cold.

You will not be alone, you will find many people at the stadium on Saturday morning.

  • Running, 09h15-11h10.

    @ : Complexe Sportif Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
  • Starting point
    : Here, counterclockwise.
  • Program
    1. 9h15-10h45: Running.
    2. 10h45-10h55: Cooling-down.
    3. 10h55-11h10: Stretching.
  • Objective
    : Work your cardio + manage your energy. It is not important to go fast. We will be running in average speed (~jogging) targeting endurance through safe and injury-free steps.
  • Doodle
    : I'll be there.
  • Recommendations
    1. If you have any condition, please check with your doctor first.
    2. You can start warming up for 5-10mins at home before hitting the road.
    3. Do NOT stretch before running. You may tear up your muscles.
    4. Running Tips: 1, 2, 3.
    5. Come running to warm you up. Watch out for the slippery floor. You can come by car, there is a parking.
    6. Friday night: eat 4 hours before going to bed, you do not want your degestive system to spend the night working to the maximum, otherwise in the morning wake up tired.
    7. Avoid eating before the run (running on an empty stomach). You can drink 30 mins before you leave.
    8. It's not really cold. Avoid wearing heavy clothes. After 10 minutes of running, your body will burn with heat, and that will get in your way.
    9. If you arrive before departure time, do not wait, start, and do not stay up (the colder you are, the more difficult it gets for you to start). If you arrive late, you can wait here we will pick you up (this guy ). It requires & sim; 5mins to go around the stadium.
    10. If you go back on foot, you may need gloves to cover your fingers, if you live far away.
    11. Trap workout music
  • Warning:
    1. Running uphill/downhill while coming to the stadium can be dangerous. There is a risk of knee/Achilles tendon injury.
    2. Running in the cold/under the rain, there is a small risk to catch cold, but it is worth it.
Stay in shape, stay healthy!!!